Constant Rise in Social Networking

The new media channels have opened the doors to everyone to get social! Although the form of connecting through online communities has been around for years, it really started to take shape between 2002 and 2005. Since then, more and more sites have emerged and caused those in existence to become mainstream.

The new wave of socializing over the net provides the user with an option to start off slowly or just jump in and get social! For those who want to ease in, then Twitter is the right medium to explore by micro-blogging wherein you don’t have to say much to have your voice heard.  Even those who have experienced shyness or anxiety in a social environments are emerging in online social circles and uncovering interpersonal skills they didn’t know they had!

Additionally, companies and small businesses are discovering media channels to create brand awareness, recruit, learn about competitors and seek out potential customers. Yammer formed in 2008 takes micro-blogging to the business world!  Like Twitter, allows users to post and exchange “what are you working on” through limited access to those with a valid company address. For those who are “green” to the Twitter platform, on June 14 there is a conference being held in New York that focuses entirely on Twitter use for business. Click here for the details and register today!

Our social network resources do not encompass the vast array of help out there, but it serves as a building block to help get you plugged into the social sphere today. Stay tuned for additional social media posts, learnings, tips and trends!

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