The Future of Book Stores

As we progress with technology and take advantage of the vast array of social media channels, where is the future of our resource mediums going?

With the recent announcement of Borders, one can only ponder if book stores will be an outlet of the past. It took years for the book store to evolve from a local neighborhood exchange to a full service resource center with coffee service. Then taking it to higher limits by incorporating wireless capabilities.

Is the user friendly technology moving generations away from the book store? Or are the book stores falling behind in capturing an opportunity to incorporate social media into their operations? With resources frequently accessed online, is there an opportunity for book stores to add learning or social media hubs?

Today people can do almost everything from their laptop or cell phone, offering seamless ways to manage life with convenient resources, right at their fingertips.  But what is this going to do not only to the future of the book stores, but the future of all the operations that people use to carry out their daily lives?

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