Social Media Breaking Down Barriers

For centuries the public received news and information through the newspaper, TV and various digital mediums. Today, the social media platforms are breaking down barriers across the globe. We are now exposed to a tirade of news from the Middle East to reality moments captured by the general public.

The online channels give not just journalists and broadcasters a medium to report daily events, but also a pathway for the public to manifest stories, pictures and videos. People are breaking through barriers from getting a job to stealing a spot in the limelight.

The above depicts only a small number of examples of how the world is socially connected and taking part of the social media movement. As technology evolves so will the platforms to offer the users optimal options to engage, inform and connect on elements in life.

Years ago we were influenced by information through basic mediums but now people have access to the most up-to-date forms of media and taking advantage of how it can break down the barrier in their own lives.

Where will the new digital generation take us?

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