Managing Social Media Reputation

Even with all the gadgets to suffice our technology needs, there is still not enough short cuts to help balance between convening in interative dialogue online and managing the ROT in the same day.

Here’s a short list of sites to explore to help out with proactively managing online brand reputation:

Addin Social | is the fastest, most reliable way to integrate social media publishing, measuring and monitoring into your applications – reducing the cost and risk of custom solutions while providing you with a new revenue opportunity.

Awareness Networks | offerings include the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, a game-changing application that empowers serious marketers to publish, manage, measure, and engage with enterprise features like permissioning, audit trails, and team comment response across social media channels.

Postling | Get alerted whenever a word or phrase you are tracking — like the name of your business or a phrase used by potential customers — is published on Twitter, Facebook, Google News and WordPress.

Sendible | Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand across the social web.

Social Campaign Management | Includes powerful real-time dashboards and analytics that provide deep insights into all of your social campaigns. Marketers know that successful campaigns come from testing and tuning over time.

Managing brand reputation is paramount to the overall social media strategy. Creating awareness to customer feedback and being attentive to real time resolution of issues is crucial to maintaining positive online community relations. And cultivating a culture of openness online, combined with social media research techniques, will be certain to further your organization’s connections and establish brand loyalty.

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