Social Media | Game On

Social Media creates infinite opportunity and proved that sky’s the limit in journalism, tech innovation, and most of all brand marketing. And there’s no denying that we now have tools and resources to reach not only new heights in evolution of elements in life but also maximizing our creative minds.

Through social media platforms brands have reinvented their marketing campaigns, created a new culture of openness and now unleashing the power of imagery with infographics. Promoting crisp and clear information through graphics is not only keen to the eye but draws in user interest. With bold, vibrant and enriched brand images, combined with social media engagement, raises the bar in brand marketing to a whole new level of proliferating company awareness.  Connecting and engaging is undoubtedly a key factor to managing successful platforms but design is intrinsic to the company’s overall community presence – unfolding the zest behind the company’s audacity and ambition.

Why? The world is moving toward transparency and openness combined with ease of accessibility to information.  To maintain customer loyalty and lure in new interest, brands are redesigning  and filtering out complexity – thus providing a seamless online path to reach their innate products and/or services. The leap into infographics, brings out the enthusiasm of communicating through design and helps eliminate cumbersome messaging to get to the point.

Here’s a list of a company’s who have managed to deliver a robust presence in social media and continue to accelerate their online brand identity: Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Oreo and Red Bull. This is only a shortlist as there are other brands gaining ground and understand the need to transform their strategy because “Game On”– Social Media is here to stay!

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