Social Media: Learn How To Do It Right

The world of social media is not only shaping the way we connect and network but also focussing on the development of personal branding. Online social networks are moving into the business environments and transforming identities, thus defining behavior and character!

This leads to understanding how to integrate social media into daily operations so engagement online fits into current activities at work and begins to pave an influential efootprint.

Simply stated by Kaitlin Carpenter, “Fortunately for your brand (and your sanity), you don’t have to do it all. You just have to do it right.” A number of events lined up at Social Media Week will help drive action toward  “Focussing on Strategy and Engagement” and a number of other events to move your social media presence forward in a positive direction.

Other events going down at #SMWWDC:

Social storytelling Q+A with Tumblr #smwpntumblr

Discover the Power of Twitter Tweet-A-Thon-Style #smwtweetathon

Crowdstorm – Brainstorm At Social Web Scale #smwcrowdstorm

Activist or Slactivist? Social Media Strategies for the Social Entrepreneur #smwSocEntDC

Engaging Users in an Established Community #smwbrink

Social Media Trends in Communications for 2013 #smwTrends2013

Engagement is the Not-So-Secret Ingredient in the Sauce #smwmany

Show, Don’t Tell: The Rise of the Visual Web #smwVisualWeb

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