Make 2014 the Best Year Ever!

As you break into the New Year with a vision for 2014, are you on the right path to fulfill your goals? Are you feeling like there is more in YOU to give back and reap personal fulfillment but not sure where to start?

Here’s a channel that may help figure out WHY you maybe pondering on life — iPersonic Personality Profile.

Before taking the free personality test, write down what you feel are your greatest strengths and areas wherein greater focus is needed. After you move through the questions in the personality test, you will begin to tap into areas that draw you to your passion. In the end the results open up your mind to not only career growth but also reveal core personal attributes that will help with inner social circles.

Via iPersonic — Your personal Career Profile will help you to discover your best career choice like no other. It deals with all facets of professional development, job and career – personalized for your iPersonic personality type. As in all other areas of your life, your personality plays a decisive role in the things you enjoy or don’t enjoy. It plays a role in why you are more successful in a particular area with less effort and why some areas might be more difficult for you and require more effort. Identifying your skills, interests, personality type and work values will help you to find a more satisfying and rewarding career.

For further interest, take a moment to read blog post by Felicitas Heyne Intuition – Knowledge on a Gut-LevelNot only does this article provide insight into the personality types but also shares exercises for the intuitive types (the Thinkers and the Idealists) and the sensing types (the Doers and the Realists).

May 2014 be the year to live bigger, bolder dreams and unleash greatness like no other “Thinker” and “Doer” ever did!

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