The Next Big Norm

When the Social Media frenzy began, there were a number of skeptics along with those resilient to change — now organizations are diving deeper into the tool and transforming collaboration not only externally but also internally by adopting technology like Jive that can be customized for the organization.

Enterprise social networking lends itself to the cutting edge communication that all generations can immerse themselves into through the workplace. Whether for business or learning, the digital medium offers latitude wherein it can be woven into daily work activities and slowly stitched into regular business operations.

For those who fell behind embracing Social Media, may have missed the pivotal step into the future of business — the infographic below displays interesting findings that reveal how important it is to not only evolve with technology but also shift into a leadership culture that will thrive in today’s digital environment.

“In the future office, there will be added pressure to adapt quickly to
change, work smarter, increase productivity and perform duties outside of
one’s job description,” said Domeyer. “The good news is that emerging
technological tools and educational opportunities will better enable
professionals to meet these challenges.”

The Office of the Future 2020 report via Robert Half outlines the workplace trends and skills that will be needed to thrive in the transformed business landscape. For those who did not seek to adopt social media will surely fall even further behind as digital transformation takes shape and surfaces as the next BIG norm in how business will be performed!

{EDITORIAL NOTE Infographic Author Brian Solis and image via}

Future of Business Infographic

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