Benefits of Maximizing Digital Media

Not only are there personal benefits for maximizing the digital media channels but there are also optimal benefits for employers and employees. Enterprise social business opened up doors for multiple ways to get business done and improve overall communication by tapping into other forms of sharing information rather than using email.

Based on Shama Hyder’s 7 Pivotal Trends Every Leader Must Know, Social Literacy is Required:

All of your employees need to be social media savvy, not just the social media team. Each individual should be a creator, curator, and connector, and organizations should focus on agility, aggregation, and adaptability. Above all, people should be posting content that is relevant to the customer. “You don’t want to be like the person on Facebook who only shares updates about their dog,” she said.

There are a number of leaders who are learning that by integrating “social” into their organization that encourages collaboration, allows for motivation and empowerment to be raised to greater heights.  Dell embraced social media in 2010 and and is one of the first big breakthroughs using social media. Connie Bensen, leader of Global Social Content Strategy and Governance at Dellshared suggestions for embedding social in the fabric of a company  — “Creating Culture for Making Business Social”.

Based on the Adobe Digital Index, the usage of smartphones outperform the masses by 9.4%. Considering these findings and with the evolving digital world, organizations who tap into and deliver optimal media channels will not only reap performance benefits but will also broaden the roadmap to success for the company!

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