Social Business: Transforms Business As Usual (BAU)

Technology is evolving faster than users have the ability to adapt and with the shift in culture to be plugged in 24/7, consumers are reshaping the engagement landscape.

{EDITORIAL NOTE Infographic Author Brian Solis & image via}

{EDITORIAL NOTE Infographic Author Brian Solis & image via}

Thus resulting in organizations to review communication and digital strategies to ramp up their operations to include the latest forms of new media to compete for the future. If leaders fail to transform business as usual (BAU), they will join the list of companies outlined in the image to the left that missed the big picture.

“In the future office, there will be added pressure to adapt quickly to change, work smarter, increase productivity and perform duties outside of one’s job description,” said Domeyer. “The good news is that emerging technological tools and educational opportunities will better enable professionals to meet these challenges.”

For those who fell behind in embracing Social Media may have missed the pivotal step into the future of business and recent case studies and statistics reveal how important it is to not only evolve with technology but also shift into a leadership culture that will thrive in today’s digital environment.

According to a new study by the IBM Center for Applied Insights, “Charting the social universe: Social ambitions drive business impact,” a full 74 percent of executives agree that a social business is one that uses social technologies to foster collaboration among customers, employees and partners.  Yet only 20 percent think their own organizations are currently acting truly social.

Influence through new media is a new norm and organizations are looking to revolutionize BAU to conform to the digital culture. The following presentation shares additional insights into collaboration and the importance of pursuing an enterprise-wide social strategy.

For further reading on business as usual, refer to Rewire the Way Your Business Works to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution.

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