Social media can make or break careers

The communication landscape has shifted from traditional methods, like email or the newspaper, to online mediums. Whether it is for networking, weather alerts, news bulletins, job searching, training or merely just staying in touch, social media has become a norm in today’s society.

Social networking channels have expanded two-fold over the years and businesses have adopted versions of these channels to build internal workforce engagement.  Whether you interact on social or business networks, keep in mind that ALL activities in the digital world leave lasting impressions not only amongst your collaborators but also posts that can not be erased.

Online activities are public (unless identified as private), and search engines make it quick and easy for anyone to learn about your e-footprint. The economic environment has also made companies increasingly cautious and any information that raises a red flag in social profiles can quickly turn your career into high gear or abruptly end it with little to no notice. Note that the stored communications act makes it unlawful for an employer to obtain an employee’s personal communications from an internet service provider without the employee’s authorization.

When using professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, follow the online networking protocols and interact with caution to protect your professional reputation. When showcasing industry knowledge, links to articles of interest and information about your achievements will pave a positive e-footprint.

While enterprise social collaboration is slowly taking shape across organizations, mobile application engagement is being introduced as more and more apps are published. A great example of the shift over the years is the employee newsletters that went from paper distribution to email marketing platforms and now there’s an app for that team newsletter — 36% of smartphone owners use messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, or iMessage (Pew Research Center 2015 — Source:

Online reputation management is not just for the big brands, it’s for everyone who wants to protect their identity and maintain the image to be known for. The digital communication landscape can spread news and information quicker and across borders, making the world more connected than it has ever been. Keep in mind while interacting online, no matter where your journey takes you, the e-footprint will always follow!

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