The Importance of Enterprise-wide Collaboration

The years ahead present optimal opportunities in the digital landscape as technology evolves and spans across the enterprise.

In order to adapt and move ahead of the new norm, it is vital to say abreast of the latest technology and trends taking shape in business operations. Thus with the increased demand in IoT, cloud computing and app development, the internal learning platforms must be designed to allow employees to have access to the critical training modules in these areas especially if the skills are directly related to the scope of their job.

Additionally, the future office brings expectations to adapt quickly to change, work smarter and increase productivity through digital engagement and collaboration. Fortunately with the advent of the digital era, there are optimal mediums to enhance and develop knowledge in all of the prominent skills required for the 2020 workforce. Check-out WalkMe — a guidance and engagement Platform that drives users to action as they use software or websites.

For those who fall behind in embracing enterprise collaboration will miss the pivotal step into the future of business. Recent case studies and reports reveal how important it is to not only evolve with technology but also shift into a leadership culture that will thrive in today’s digital environment. The Workforce 2020 reports the importance for leaders to build a collaborative infrastructure facilitated by pervasive communications.

“One core attribute of leadership in the future will be to bring smart people together to think in more fluid, dynamic ways, and to solve problems that have never been solved before. Leaders will need to architect creative cultures that can constantly produce new ideas and new skills.” —Annmarie Neal, VP of Talent Management and Development, Cisco

Going beyond the traditional office, the digital transformation age brings increased global connectivity, integration, and interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, and political spheres — organizations need to reshape their business model and strategy to conform to the #newwaytowork. By incorporating the latest technology and publishing the right tools and resources for employees, there’s greater potential to build the digital collabortion culture. This coupled with leadership adoption and transparency on the impact of the change will close the gap on disengaged workforce — redefining enterprise digital collaboration will inspire and empower the workforce to do their best work!

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