Learn how AI and the #futureofwork will shift the role of an EA

With the onset of automation and AI, there’s no dodging the fact that the routine tasks in the office [and elsewhere] will shift the way we work. Technology is even experimenting with grocery shopping–for example, Ocado is an experiment with robots for grocery picking and packing and Amazon is revolutionizing the warehouse process using AI.

If the supply chain can be automated, then why not the office too? Well the #futureofwork will demonstrate how machines will carry out tasks that humans did for centuries resulting in a number of jobs to change and productivity for some jobs to increase. For Executive Assistants [EAs] to be early adopters and start learning how to embrace the #futureofwork, it is imperative to learn how to incorporate the latest technology into their current role to add higher value to the support tasks. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hinder the ability to rise above but rather figure out how AI can manage travel bookings so you can focus on solving gaps that could never be attended to before. Here’s a couple of articles to add to your resource bank that will help equip for the evolving support role:

Jobs lost, jobs gained: What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages [Source: McKinsey]

Chatbots for Work [Source: Capacity]

Get started today and rewrite the EA role for the future!


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