Bolden the culture of kindness and bring on something new

Over the years we have invested and committed to a wide variety of activities that include external engagement efforts, giving back, community programs and virtual events. This last year we recognized that there is significant opportunity not only in our traditional approach in social responsibility, but also in giving back to the communities we live and work in as we face the challenge of the pandemic—we all have the ability to build on the foundation that delivers long-term value in our communities to bolden the culture of kindness.

We need to ignite the passion of giving back to make an impact where it matters—strengthening the core of our inner most values, not only in our professional lives but personally too, will develop the culture we yearn for.

As we enter into the new year, look for the opportunities to help those in need. The travesty of 2020 will eventually be behind us, but there will be the lingering impact to our lives for months, possibly years to come. Being part of the difference doesn’t always come in the form of money, it can be devoting your time to listen, to teach or mentor and there are many programs to get involved with to provide meals for those who are home-bound at this time. 

Keep in mind as we journey into 2021, the past does not determine our future because we have the power to change our behaviors and tap into calls to action that aim at fostering good in our lives and communities. For instance, there are limitations on the way we live at this time, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop living our best life. The time we have now at home, can be a start to a new beginning by fueling our brains with ideas and different ways to not only pivot but also adapt to a refreshed normal or family favorite throwback like reinventing drive-in movies!

Technology has consumed our lives and shifted our mindsets to all things digital that blocks [or starves] our ability to reach the depths of our creative imagination—many ideas 30 plus years ago were shaped in sandboxes or swinging in the park. Change doesn’t have to be about inventing a new product or building the foundation of a business from scratch, it can be taking a craft or a hobby and turning it into a powerful force of kindness—virtually connecting with seniors to get them moving indoors will not only create positive energy but happiness that fuels longevity. 

Extending your spirit and heart beyond FaceTime, Instagram, Twitter and streaming can transform the future that will move our communities forward and foster social responsibility in the world. Pause for a moment, put the mobile phone down and pull out the jigsaw puzzle, then let your mind flow freely to visualize your future—refresh your way of thinking to bring on something new and add that sparkle of color back to your life! 

Bring on something new and add that sparkle of color back to your life!

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