Untapped potential

The world is experiencing life in leaps and bounds like never before as society grapples with the diversions upon our personal and professional lives. If we take stock of the last 12 months, there’s an unprecedented amount of change that impacted all walks of life and ages, in particular the workplace and education.

Everyone embraces change in different ways and deal with it in a positive or negative light. And our minds perceive information distinctly from others because of the way our brains process the input from the sources. This is what cultivates unique and diverse ideas and solutions to our ever evolving world to optimize our lives.

The way we respond to events that unfold upon us, will determine a successful path forward. For instance, for those who embraced the fact that it doesn’t matter where work gets done or how learning is conducted, then their journey will be steps ahead of the naysayers. Noticing that there is an opportunity to enhance or enrich our lives will surface untapped potential.

Discovery of a new beginning is not always innate when our minds are clouded with the day-to-day craziness that we create. But when we come to a halt and the actions that we would normally take each day are impacted because the external world around us shifts, then we have the time to pause and reflect. Our minds have the potential to unleash our dreams if we let the power of knowledge take shape. We are surrounded by technology and have the ability to turn passions or side hustles into a new founded gig.

The evolution of business has already pivoted from the conventional ways of propelling organizations forward. Office environments are now flexible, meetings and conferences are virtual and supply chains are transforming to adjust to the demands. This is where the untapped potential that lies within us can expand our playbook to include unconventional methods to shore up the workforce of the future. Here are some tips:

  • Take colleagues from the traditional office watercooler gathering to MS teams channels or Slack conversations.
  • And now is a good time to explore virtual platforms that have expanded tools and functions to give an ultimate user experience the feeling of participating in a ‘live‘ event–view and compare providers by filtering options in Capterra.
  • Adopt and publish a new set of best practices—check-out an example of a simple outline published by Harvard Human Resources.
  • Learn how the power of AI can fuel productivity and loss prevention.
  • Explore creative ways to optimize meeting time—this article published by Otter.ai reveals statistics that will help gauge thoughts on how to curb waste of time and add more value to the day.
  • Expand industry learning with LinkedIn.

A new beginning is within an arm’s reach for anyone who takes the leap of faith or finds that they are not performing a job they are meant to be doing… the 27 Incredible Small Business Ideas for 2021 & Beyond by HubSpot is worth the read for those who are ready to tap into their potential today!

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