Knowledge is power

From the day we are brought into this world, our brains begin to absorb the environment that surrounds us. The words and sounds we hear, are the beginning of our learning journey to mold us into the unique human beings we are meant to be. Somewhere along the lines after our toddler years and through to high school, the teachable moments are not the only things that drive us to explore what fascinates us, but also what we read.

When we immerse ourselves into a quiet space to read books, our brains continue to evolve the information to expand our intellectual selves. Just because we finish school, we should never stop investing in educating and discovering something new.

This article published by Inc., New Research Reveals the Power of a Large Home Library, outlines some of the most compelling reasons we should take the time to read. Our day-to-day lives are consumed with an overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ that we never seem to carve out time to focus on ourselves. This drives us to perform in auto-pilot, thus letting the hours of the day spiral out of control, leaving us feeling utterly exhausted. When we can figure out what is wasting our time and focus on the things that matter most, then we can pause each day to invest in continuous learning. The paradox of busyness explained in the article published by HBR, gives a glimpse into the reasons why we have the tendency to focus on what’s in front of us versus exerting our efforts on efficiency to prevent tasks from overtaking our day.

There’s no denying that knowledge is power because some of the most influential and successful people in the world never stop learning. And technology has evolved to equip us with options to curl up with a good book whether it be in paper-form or digital, the mode in which we read will reap more benefits than not reading at all!

Not sure where to start? Check out the list of books CEOs read published by The Muse or executive assistant recommendations posted here. If we seek to expand our knowledge and share our wisdom with others, we will enrich the communities we work and thrive in!

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