Stir up a new sauce

There’s numerous life lessons that pass us by but if anything has been unearthed this last year in 2020 apart from the pandemic, is living with intention. With a number of outlets shutdown or operating under compressed hours, we found ourselves discovering new ways to be active.

Recent studies published by Pew Research, reveal more people are working from home and statistics shared by SHRM reflect that productivity was not adversely impacted. And the jobs that do not offer teleworking flexibility gave pause to people to circumvent their choice of job they want to be in if they no longer felt comfortable in the public environment due to the risks associated with the pandemic.

When you tap into your innermost being and determine what is of value in life, then you can chip away at what is really working and what is not–living with intention is different from purpose. Many struggle with trying to find their true self and how to fit into society, but what really matters is learning how to be confident in bringing your whole being to light.

When people have a real sense of legacy, a sense of mattering, a sense of contribution, it seems to tap into the deepest part of their heart and soul. It brings out the best and subordinates the rest.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

We hear numerous statements online, in the news and at work, that we will be returning back to normal soon. But what does normal look like? Last year, normal was facing long days of commuting, working, learning or simply struggling to get through one day at a time. We are navigating through a time of change and redefining who we are that propels us into surfacing a new sauce to stir up. Finding the sweet spot in between, maybe the recipe that blends life’s elements together, rather than boiled over into burn out—a normal no one desires to be part of.

By restricting access to toxicity and misinformation, the world around us will become less obscure of negativity because bad news tends to linger in our minds longer than good news. Take action and step into a new normal of living with intention to bring a fresh outlook not only in your job but also at home too. When you create your own story with a dazzle of sunshine, others will want to know what’s in your secret sauce because radiant energy is more captivating than one that carries no beam at all!

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