There are different areas and levels of motivation that drive us personally and professionally–the Motivation Code gives an in-depth look at what taps into the behaviors that draw us to succeed. When we are aligned to the profession and/or environment that brings ultimate satisfaction, there’s less pressure and anxiety because the daily actions taken naturally unfold.

But the research and statistics reveal that most children follow in their parent’s footsteps because of the influence on their future. This article, The Jobs You’re Most Likely to Inherit From Your Mother and Father, published by the New York Times, provides an analysis on son’s and daughter’s likelihood of which job they pursue based on their father or mother’s occupation.

Then some children feel like they have no choice and the pressure from their parents leads them to a career path that does not play upon their unique personality. But on the other hand, some find it as a way to help them decide because they find themselves at the end of their high school year with no direction. Understanding the effect, is important because our future impacts not only the course of the relationship with our parents but also the freedom to choose.

And of course, what deemed to be the most prevalent jobs 10 or 20 years ago, may not be what will fuel innovation and growth in the centuries to come. According to science, we are living in a new geological age, which can propel the children of the future to choose an environmental or scientific career path because they want to help advocate for climate change. According to Robert Half, artificial intelligence and analytics will prove to be areas of demand no matter the industry with the focus on digital transformation. Where to start? There’s a never ending list of occupations within the U.S. job sectors that can help guide the decision and the dreamer, story teller, designer or creative artist has an expanded array of tools and resources at their fingertips to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

When we design the future of choice, we discover the elements in life that uncover what we are passionate about and showcase not only our talents but also unleash the force behind our motivation. Thus leads us to build a foundation that fulfills our destiny versus slamming into dead ends.

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