Self Reflection

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about who you are at your natural best self? Is there a specific time when you felt most proud of what you accomplished? How did past experiences shape who you are today?

Allow yourself to explore the lessons learned and the wisdom that guided you along the way. By freeing your mind to accept that both success and failure contribute to your organic growth, the pattern of what sets your soul on fire will start to form. If you plug along traditional norms, the actions may not always align to your internal compass which draws less than ideal energy. But aiming high and putting people first, will unleash collective power and potential to generate optimal outcomes together.

Knowing what is possible based on factors that have contributed to the current state will determine how the vision of your life unfolds. Through the grit and the grind, you will own many things, but no one other than yourself, will own your identity and choices. These two elements in life may shift from time to time depending on how you let society change the course of your journey. Bottom line, don’t let anyone or anything take over the narrative of your story.

Take a moment to pause and pen your thoughts. What is practical to develop a growth mindset? The criteria and foundation that comes to mind will reveal your why. To dive deeper into self reflection and discovery, check out the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Understanding the conditions that allow you to thrive in will lead to experiences that fulfill you because everyone is their best self when they are aligned to their core.

Sometimes taking a moment for self reflection can surface roadblocks–discover the depth you can grow by being the true authentic self you are designed to be and make an impact to build a better tomorrow for all.

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