How the Internet of Things Will Transform Industries

There are a number of technical buzzwords filtering into conversations and being addressed as a result of the increased growth in the digital landscape that maybe new to some but have been churning throughout organizations in their strategic planning and incorporating into business models. To name a few that are seamlessly becoming mainstream “Big Data”, […]

Benefits of Maximizing Digital Media

Not only are there personal benefits for maximizing the digital media channels but there are also optimal benefits for employers and employees. Enterprise social business opened up doors for multiple ways to get business done and improve overall communication by tapping into other forms of sharing information rather than using email. Based on Shama Hyder’s 7 Pivotal […]

Social Media ROI for Realtors

With so many options in social media, research suggests that Realtors are being immersed into various online platforms to showcase listings and industry knowledge. An article via Sprout Social shares tips and experiences from industry experts as well as a link in the posting 10 Creative Ways Realtors Use LinkedIn Cutting through the noise of traditional home mailings, […]

Growing Into the Digital & Visual Culture

It was not too long ago that everyone started to tweet in 140 characters or less and learn to share stories across Facebook. But according to the tech timeline, users were adopting these mediums that were slowly surfacing across the internet in the early 1990s. And with the rise of the visual culture, AvaLaunch Media created an […]

Power Up for Workforce 2020

The years ahead present exciting opportunities in the digital landscape but also media channels as technology evolves and spans across enterprise social networking. In order to adapt and move ahead of the new norm, it is vital to say abreast of the latest technology and trends taking shape in business operations. Thus with the increased demand […]

What Does the Future Hold for the Generation Growing Up With Social Media

Love it when Pinterest or Facebook , from time to time, surfaces a pin or post with a picture from the 1980 or 1990 era — a stream of these can be viewed via Pinterest and may tug at a few hearts while memories of those good ‘ol days surface! Looking back, I would not trade […]

Stats Reveal Astounding Number of Users Across Platforms Each Day

In the January 2014 issue of RealSimple, stats from a joint poll with The Huffington Post revealed 71% of respondents said they would not go back to the pre-internet era despite the fact that it is challenging to put down the device for an hour without checking notifications! View the full results of the poll […]

The Next Big Norm

When the Social Media frenzy began, there were a number of skeptics along with those resilient to change — now organizations are diving deeper into the tool and transforming collaboration not only externally but also internally by adopting technology like Jive that can be customized for the organization. Enterprise social networking lends itself to the cutting edge communication […]