Harness the Power of Social Media

Don’t just post, back it up with personality and unique snippets. Give users a piece of your business that isn’t an ad or marketing campaign. Being a copy cat of information won’t boost your credits but authenticity is key to growing followers, customers and establishing rapport in the market. In any given industry, social media […]

Social Media Footprint

Searching for a way to build more leads? Give customers a social media footprint to your business! Take the time to create a path to increased online awareness and develop a mechanism for users to find you seamlessly. These resources will help you integrate elements into your online presence and pave the way for your […]

Social Trio: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Are you new to the social trio or would like to explore how you can dive into the digital world? Recently Technology Inc. shared eye opening stats and backs up that Social Media is not a fad …   The full post can be read via: “Need to Sell Your Boss on Social Media Investment? […]

What’s Your Facebook Cover?

Everyone actively using Facebook has a prerogative or goal in mind while navigating the platform. So which cover do you wear? Friend Celebrity/Artist/Entertainer Entrepreneur/Business Entity Philanthropist Wannabe Now that you have illustrated your cover, are you turning the right pages? Facebook Profile: created by users to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and/or acquaintances about stuff […]

Connect, Engage and Collaborate with a Facebook Fan Page

If you already have an active personal profile on Facebook, then you are familiar with how to connect, engage and collaborate through the platform. But are you teetering on whether or not to create a facebook fan page? In your social media strategy, one of your goals should be to optimize the online platforms to […]