Social Business: Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part III

After diving into the social office with the resources from Part I and Part II, it is time to delve deeper into the value of business social! Part III will help pave the way to amplifying not only what you learned thus far but how to maximize the connections to monetize the organization's information and/or proliferate brand awareness. … Continue reading Social Business: Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part III

Mastering LinkedIn

There are optimal ways to maximize the LinkedIn platform and there are also precautions to take when actively engaging through invites to connect and/or sending InMail. According to LinkedIn's profile, the intent is simple: The company's proprietary platform enables members to create, manage and share their professional identity online, build and engage with their professional … Continue reading Mastering LinkedIn

Social Media ROI for Realtors

With so many options in social media, research suggests that Realtors are being immersed into various online platforms to showcase listings and industry knowledge. An article via Sprout Social shares tips and experiences from industry experts as well as a link in the posting 10 Creative Ways Realtors Use LinkedIn Cutting through the noise of traditional home mailings, … Continue reading Social Media ROI for Realtors

Managing Social Media Reputation

Even with all the gadgets to suffice our technology needs, there is still not enough short cuts to help balance between convening in interative dialogue online and managing the ROT in the same day. Here's a short list of sites to explore to help out with proactively managing online brand reputation: Addin Social | is the fastest, most … Continue reading Managing Social Media Reputation