Enterprise Social Innovation

Combining collaborative intelligence with enterprise social networks (ESN) will emerge design thinking -- a revolutionary way to bring group and team collective intelligence to the forefront of technologies 2.0. Ramon Sanguesa & Irene Lapuent from Co-Creating Cultures state: "This new reality can be brought to other levels and start knowledge exchange projects and the capacity … Continue reading Enterprise Social Innovation

Innovation Going Down In Charleston

In April 2013, innovation in Social Media, User Experience, and Start Up Solutions converge and renowned leaders in the industry will be presenting hot topics to inspire everyone to walk away with “DIG” ideas. “Dig South” will bring a jam packed weekend of intense learning with experts talking about theories, research, experiences and best practices … Continue reading Innovation Going Down In Charleston

Social Media: Enhancing the Digital Landscape

With social media being mainstream, it does not mean it is a replacement -- it is an added medium to extend communications and manifest information across the globe. Statistics prove that Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter dominate the internet usage and provide an open channel to monetize information. With the success of these platforms, enterprise social … Continue reading Social Media: Enhancing the Digital Landscape

Harness the Power of Social Media

Don't just post, back it up with personality and unique snippets. Give users a piece of your business that isn't an ad or marketing campaign. Being a copy cat of information won't boost your credits but authenticity is key to growing followers, customers and establishing rapport in the market. In any given industry, social media … Continue reading Harness the Power of Social Media

The Future of Book Stores

As we progress with technology and take advantage of the vast array of social media channels, where is the future of our resource mediums going? With the recent announcement of Borders, one can only ponder if book stores will be an outlet of the past. It took years for the book store to evolve from … Continue reading The Future of Book Stores