Social Business:  Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part I

Years ago the basic executive assistant (EA) job description entailed utmost focus on the seamless operation of the office and gatekeeper of the executive’s phone, door and email. Fast forward to the era of social media and the internet of things, the role is broadening as executives begin to reshape leadership with redefining the communication […]

Focused on Numbers or People?

With social media providing the opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate, it brings a different lens to the way peeps network. Back in the day, most were plugging in hours to build their connections by relationship building with rich content and compelling information. But now, there’s a lot of “noise” in the social-verse and the […]

Don’t Under Estimate!

Over the last few years blogging soared not only in the business arena but also moved into the households! Anyone who has knowledge, information, humor or tips to share, then the internet is the optimal gateway to embrace and publish content. Take for example the “mommy blogger” aka Heather Armstrong or “blopper” (, with her […]