Social Media 101 & more for the Evolving EA

How prepared are you for the 2020 workforce? The years ahead present exciting opportunities in the digital landscape but also media channels as technology evolves and spans across enterprise social networking — are you ready?

Social Media 101: Advanced Resources and Tips

There is no question social media has removed global communication barriers and opened doors for universal engagement. But has the new digital age reformed how we communicate? With the internet dominating the communication landscape, the skills and mindsets have shifted. We moved from being grammatically correct to incorporating e-lingo and 140 character statements into our speech. […]

What’s Your Facebook Cover?

Everyone actively using Facebook has a prerogative or goal in mind while navigating the platform. So which cover do you wear? Friend Celebrity/Artist/Entertainer Entrepreneur/Business Entity Philanthropist Wannabe Now that you have illustrated your cover, are you turning the right pages? Facebook Profile: created by users to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and/or acquaintances about stuff […]

Connect, Engage and Collaborate with a Facebook Fan Page

If you already have an active personal profile on Facebook, then you are familiar with how to connect, engage and collaborate through the platform. But are you teetering on whether or not to create a facebook fan page? In your social media strategy, one of your goals should be to optimize the online platforms to […]