the hands that ROCK the walls of Corporate America

The hustle and bustle of Corporate America is where some of the most powerful and influential leaders shape the future of organizations–behind these walls the executive assistant bridges the strategy and vision the executives form to grow and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

A blockbuster movie with a stellar cast, The Devil Wears Prada, captivated the fashion industry–the narrative gives a glimpse into the hustle behind the scenes of how supporting an ambitious executive is never the same on a given day. While some of the scenes are over the top, there are multiple performances that the executive assistant can relate.

In the profession, there is no task too small or impossible to help level-up the executive’s office to rise above the challenges that come with a highly visible and demanding leader. The TV sequel Suits is another storyline that brought dramatic scenes in a law office to light and the character Donna Paulsen, who knew her worth, went from a paralegal to chief operating officer. Over the course of the six seasons, the narrative unfolded the role of an assistant and how emotional intelligence is key to recognizing areas that needed attention to maintain a cohesive office.

Both of these dramas show that having thick skin is critical for an executive assistant to thrive in the trenches and turn chaos into order. Focusing on driving meaningful progress and hone in on the bigger picture can be exhausting but also very rewarding while trying to juggle and balance the life outside of the office to remain at the top in the field.

An ultimate game changer who rocks the walls of Corporate America is the executive assistant who empowers the influential leaders to build the foundation and motivate the workforce to execute against the strategic initiatives–a powerful partnership and force multiplier can break-down barriers and disrupt the way we work.

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