My Why

Taking the time to discover your why will help understand what fuels your energy in the things that you do everyday. Before I read the books, Start With Why and Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, I already knew the elements that make me fulfilled in my professional journey, but the examples and stories solidified that I am on the correct path.

There were times in my executive assistant career that I dropped into a slump and reflecting back, the environment and conditions I was working in did not align to my core sense of purpose. Understanding what connects you to the very existence of your being will help identify the things that matter most both personally and professionally. I have learned that the collective power of the people are fueled to action when there’s a common or mutually agreed upon vision–we all understand the destiny but our paths to get there can vary greatly. For instance, the latest trending Wordle game has brought co-workers, friends and family to share their status and winning streak–everyone can start with a different word of choice but ultimately will land on the the right one for the day or not.

Through a discovery process, think about what comes naturally and releases a positive flow of energy. Pen your thoughts, highlighting the areas that allowed you to thrive and marking the ones that blocked your sense of impact. Take it a step further and note the people you were with, the environment and how the experience made you feel–by documenting a week or two will show where your internal compass was aligned to your being. Furthermore, the patterns will reveal the conditions to avoid and the ones to focus on that will allow your fullest potential to shape who you are designed to be.

Explore and discover what sets your soul on fire will solidify your passion and emanate the positive flow of energy–shining the light on your why too!

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