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Behind the walls of corporate America

With the new way of working in 2020, the vast majority of the workforce started to learn new concepts and capabilities together–the office toolbox deepened and different approaches began to take shape.

Not only was change being observed globally in the business sector, a shift in people’s mindsets started to drive refreshed outlooks on career trajectory, unleashing trends that were breaking historical numbers in resignations, moves out of the big cities and the rise of entrepreneurship. People were pausing their daily routines and discovering that planning for what’s relative in their life revealed a refreshed sense of being present in the things that mattered most.

After a couple years of self-discovery, working from home, juggling personal schedules, childcare and virtual learning, the business sector flipped again. People were faced with decisions to either fall back into the daily grind and give up the precious hours that they found were taken back from exhausting commutes or to find a balance. While demands were made in corporate America directing everyone back to the office, people were not jumping in their cars, train stations or subways to answer the call to action. The article, How virtual work is accelerating innovation, published by McKinsey, reveals new approaches to flexibility that will allow for organization’s to disrupt the recruiting model–lifting restrictions on borders.


While conditions and circumstances quickly advanced the way we work today and the leaders continue to develop and/or revise office protocols, the executive assistant needs to keep pace with the onset of the changes to be able to guide the workforce along. The role of the executive assistant not only empowers the influential leaders to build the foundation and motivate the workforce, they need to be able to pivot and introduce the new concepts. For instance, gatekeeper for the executive is out and gateway is in. The focus is now on team dynamics that flow with the culture and strengthen the ecosystem built around diversity and flexibility.

People are discovering what fuels their energy in the things that they do everyday and leaders are listening. Meeting of the minds are brainstorming methods to expand on hybrid models and allow the workforce to manage their energy and mental health. Hitting reset also means that workflows and office automation will be refined and here again, the executive assistant will communicate and deploy what’s in and what’s out.

The paradigm shift is broadening conversations and the office of the future is being designed with a focus on productivity and flexibility taking center stage. Tap into the following resources to expand your toolbox and discover tips along the way.

Microsoft is listening to customers and answering the demand for the platforms to align features to hybrid models. One of the latest updates includes a change to the MS Office Outlook meeting response buttons…. YES!! A helpful solution to hybrid work and take guessing out of meeting responses. The meeting RSVP options will add an extra button to adopt the flexible options to include <Accept In-Person> & <Accept Remote>. This update will be available in Outlook on the web for O365 users. Get the scoop here.

With workforce models changing, the best practices need to be framed up to deliver on the user experience from regular meetings to offsite events. The events landscape is modernizing the ways to unfold the ultimate event and CVENT outlines a few common dilemmas along with tips and tricks to help planners avoid pitfalls in their blog: Hybrid Events: What You Need to Know

“Everyone wants to contribute. Trust them. Leaders are everywhere. Find them. Some people are on a mission. Celebrate them. Others wish things were different. Listen to them. Everybody matters. Show them. We don’t just need a new guide to leading in times of change or adversity. We need a complete rethink, a revolution.”

Bob Chapman

Our values, internal compass and guiding principles factor into everything we do—the human spirit is fueled to action when there’s a common or mutually agreed purpose. This filters into the fabric of the business and shapes the culture. Behind the walls of corporate America you will find executive assistants who keep the drum beat aligned to the rhythm of the business, doing their best to keep everyone connected to the core of the organization. Celebrate them!

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