Scalable learning

Learning doesn’t stop once the college degree or certification is achieved–it serves as a foundation to the building blocks of the desired career of choice. Years ago many hours were exhausted at the library or school campus browsing encyclopedia books and microfilm to conduct research for essays and abstracts. But now, with the advent of computers and digital devices and fast forward from the 1900s, we have access to more channels and ways of learning than ever before.

With the discovery of the metaverse, the life cycle of digital media products are going to be shorter as organizations reposition their core business operations to adapt with the evolution of technology. As the pace of change continues, scalable learning is critical to remain competitive, not only for the leading corporate giants but also for professionals who aspire to be game changers in their field.

Visualizing the future will help chart the path forward in the area of expertise needed to diversify your knowledge base. Having the ability to adapt quickly to change will open doors to the new job profiles of the future as identified in the report published by World Economic Forum. In particular, data scientists and AI specialists will increase in demand as more organizations want to optimize big data.

Investing in the approach to scalable learning will not only fill the skill gap required in knowledge worker roles of the future, but also ensure the right level of readiness is acquired for career progression and fostering inclusiveness within the organization.

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