What is all the mesh about?

If you were excited about clubhouse, Twitter spaces or the Microsoft together mode then you will be elated to learn about Microsoft Mesh.

Earlier this year Salesforce officially solidified the acquisition of Slack and it will be a matter of time before these tech giants will disrupt the world of collaboration. In the meantime, we need to switch to ‘Jetsons‘ mode and literally be ready for what is yet to come–mixed reality in a lifetime that felt ions away.

The course of history is changing because forces of nature beyond our control are shifting the future to redesign our ecosystems. The open office concept will soon be part of history as office space is transformed to bring the outdoors inside and allow increased flexibility to modular spaces. Not only will the way we work change, the way we get it done will play an integral part in this paradigm shift because digital transformation is here.

Statistics in this report published by McKinsey reveal that businesses transformed their technology capabilities quicker in the last few months than some have in years. Considering the acceleration of technology, the momentum will continue to build on the latest discoveries and we need to keep pace with it. One of the latest concepts in circulation that is trending alongside AI, is uncovering how to bring the metaverse to life. There’s not a whole lot of chatter of what this means yet but once it takes shape, the world of hybrid will be ready for it. It wasn’t long ago that Blackberry put a computer into a handheld device that opened the door for competitors to rise above the reign of the smartphone. If you were a teenager growing up in the 90’s, who ever thought you could watch TV, listen to music, text your BFF, browse the internet, check email or call home with one device?

Now that you have an understanding of the metaverse, here’s an introduction to Microsoft Mesh.

Borders will no longer limit our humanity and the stretch of imagination will enrich our lives as technology evolves to new heights allowing virtual worlds to mesh us closer together than we thought possible.

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