Social Business: Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part III

After diving into the social office with the resources from Part I and Part II, it is time to delve deeper into the value of business social! Part III will help pave the way to amplifying not only what you learned thus far but how to maximize the connections to monetize the organization’s information and/or proliferate brand awareness. […]

Social Business:  Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part I

Years ago the basic executive assistant (EA) job description entailed utmost focus on the seamless operation of the office and gatekeeper of the executive’s phone, door and email. Fast forward to the era of social media and the internet of things, the role is broadening as executives begin to reshape leadership with redefining the communication […]

Social Media: Enhancing the Digital Landscape

With social media being mainstream, it does not mean it is a replacement — it is an added medium to extend communications and manifest information across the globe. Statistics prove that Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter dominate the internet usage and provide an open channel to monetize information. With the success of these platforms, enterprise social […]

Do you have an established efootprint?

Over the last few years online networking and social media has shaped a whole new perspective on how we socialize and communicate. The new media channels opened doors for everyone the world to get social in real time! Although the form of connecting through online communities has been around for years, it really started to evolve […]

What Is Your Timeline?

When you are connected and know what you want out of life, you have the ability to plot your timeline. What does it mean? MESSAGE   •   ACTION   •  PURPOSE Learning how to translate the message into action will lead to evolving purpose and manifesting a prosperous journey. With incredulous volumes of resources online, one can […]

Social Influence

Early adopters of social media have gained power in online media and have emerged in front of competitors by understanding social influence. As technology evolves, online social media giants are updating platforms to move forward with greater innovation and optimal user performance. Thus paving the way for majority of adults turning to the internet to […]

Numbers or Connections?

With social media providing the global opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate, it brings a different lens to the way everyone networks. It’s not a popularity contest! It’s all about connections by relationship building with rich content and compelling information, not plugging in hours to mass the number of followers. If the main goal is […]